December 17, 2021

Uncharted Celebrates 20 Years

This year's holiday card charts our climb from beginnings in 2001 to current heights in the field of visual analytics.

David Jonker 

Happy holidays from Uncharted

As we reach the finish line on 2021, Uncharted is again reflecting on all the inspiring work and amazing teams we’ve had the privilege of being a part of. This year is especially meaningful to us, as it marks the 20th anniversary of our founding!

To celebrate the occasion, we designed our annual holiday card to enumerate and chart memorable new heights over the years, leading up to this special moment in our history. Follow our journey below, starting back in 2001, through uncharted territory in diverse research areas such as visual analytics, machine learning, big data, augmented reality and more. As you take in the climb, note the many markers of Uncharted growth over the years: the expansion of our office space and our talented staff, the accumulated body of peer-reviewed publications, and the global reach of our GeoTime products. For more information on the milestones achieved along the way, check out the links below the chart.

Hint: click the picture below to see an enlarged copy of the image.

Holiday-themed chart with markers of Uncharted growth over the years, including office space, staff, peer-reviewed publications, and adoption of our GeoTime products.

From all of us at Uncharted, happy holidays!

  First Decade:

  Second Decade:


The individuals and organizations who have contributed to the success of Uncharted over the last 20 years are innumerable. We’re extremely grateful for the hard work of all our employees past and present, the collaboration with academic and industry experts who help us tackle our toughest research challenges, and the continued support and guidance of our clients and customers.

Uncharted’s 2021 holiday card was designed and created by David Jonker, Fiona Wu, Jordan Snyder, Richard Brath, and Tom Kapler.

This post was written by David Jonker with assistance from Michael Crouch.