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We empower people to be better — with data.

Uncharted conceives and creates cutting-edge technology with world-renowned companies and pioneers of global resilience. We augment your insight gathering with machine reasoning using highly visual, interactive communication techniques in web apps, extended reality, and large-scale digital media.

Enhanced Perception

Basic charts don't scale.
We design profoundly visual information systems that empower people to more easily understand complex situations.

Augmented Intelligence

The world belongs in the hands of humans.
We enhance subject matter expertise with machine intelligence to enable faster, better informed decision-making.

Kinetic Interaction

Interfaces are cryptic and complicated.
We invent efficient approaches for effortlessly navigating, acting and reacting in highly dynamic environments.

High-Performance Engineering

Data is big and messy.
We build distributed, AI-enhanced pipelines that transform billions of data points into visual insights in real time.

Case Study: TellFinder Brings Human Trafficking Operations to Light, Justice

TellFinder was the product of an ambitious three-year federally funded effort to develop next-generation search technologies that help investigators uncover human trafficking across the surface and deep web. More than 100 software developers and data scientists from 17 leading organizations and institutions came together to create TellFinder's technology in close collaboration with trafficking experts, public prosecutors, law enforcement, and NGOs at the local, state, and federal level.

In partnership with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and with support from our technical collaborators, Uncharted operationalized TellFinder for human trafficking investigation and prosecution support for more than five years at no cost to the law enforcement community. The result was one of the largest evidentiary assets of its kind in the world.

A desktop with a desk lamp and a monitor showing the TellFinder search bar.

Human trafficking generates $150 B profit for transnational organized crime every year and affects 25M victims globally. Despite the national media attention that TellFinder and others have garnered, the fight against it remains chronically underfunded. Efforts to expose and prosecute these crimes—the victims of which are largely disadvantaged women and children—are mostly left to NGOs to lead at significant personal cost. It was with mixed feelings that after eight years it was our turn to leave that fight to others and apply our efforts to other socially impactful ventures. We remain immensely proud of the technical achievements and personal investment of team members that changed the lives of many.

If you'd like to learn more about TellFinder or how you can leverage our public and privately funded technologies in your work, please reach out. If you're interested in joining a great team working at the leading edge of technology on socially impactful projects, we'd love to hear from you!