Uncharted Earns Another Spot on the Leaderboard in AI Competition by DARPA and USGS

Uncharted's approaches for identifying a variety of map features win top rankings in follow-on critical minerals challenge.

Michael Crouch
December 19, 2022

When last we checked on the joint DARPA and USGS AI for Critical Mineral Assessment Competition, we were thrilled to discover that we won the Map Georeferencing challenge. We’re honored to find ourselves on the leaderboard once again for the second challenge, Map Feature Extraction.

Uncharted Wins First Place in AI Competition for Critical Mineral Assessment
Using machine learning and computer vision to automatically extract location data from scanned historical maps.

Michael Crouch
November 21, 2022

Within its vast and varied landmass, the U.S. holds a wealth of mineral resources critical to national defense and the impending clean energy transition. Finding these resources, though, is no simple task.

Join Uncharted at IEEE VIS 2022
We'll be discussing emerging NLP for text summarization, integration of visualization research and products, and more.

Michael Crouch
October 13, 2022

VIS 2022 is back in person this year, and so is Uncharted!

GeoTime Acquired by PenLink
Uncharted is proud and excited to see the next stages in the growth of GeoTime.

David Jonker
September 22, 2022

Nearly 20 years ago, Uncharted began research and development on what would become GeoTime. In the novel use of 3D visualization we saw a breakthrough technology for portraying events and movement across space and time.

Uncharted Returns to a Redesigned Office and a New Work Model
Team days offer flexibility and safety as COVID restrictions loosen.

Michael Crouch
April 8, 2022

After nearly two years of mostly full-time remote work for all our staff, it is with great pleasure that we’ve reopened our office spaces for regular use.