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Historic Visualization: Isotype
Looking back for a way forward

Richard Brath
October 29, 2019

Finding inspiration in Neurath’s historic picture language

See you at IEEE VIS 2019

David Jonker
October 17, 2019

Come visit our booth and find out about our current opportunities!

Fourth Annual Uncharted Hackathon
Impacts of a cashless society

Michael Crouch
September 17, 2019

What does it mean for a society to go cashless? That’s what we’ll be exploring today at Uncharted.

We're Expanding!
New space, new tech, new challenges

Michael Crouch
September 6, 2019

As our business and staff continues to grow, so too will our office. In a few weeks, Uncharted will be expanding our footprint here at the Berkeley Castle in Old Town Toronto.

Classifying News and Social Media for Visualization
Using a semi-supervised machine learning and visual analytic workflow to simplify the creation of document classifiers

Craig Hagerman, Richard Brath, Scott Langevin
August 12, 2019

As we recently discussed at the 23rd International Conference on Information Visualisation, one challenge with visualizing unstructured sources like news and social media is getting the right data. To remedy these problems, we created a subsystem to help domain experts who lack data science knowledge so they can easily build better classifiers once and only occasionally maintain them.