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Continuous Integration with Apache Spark

Sean McIntyre
November 6, 2015

We’ve been writing libraries for Spark at Uncharted for several years, and continuous integration involving the Spark runtime has always been a difficult thing to accomplish. Common approaches, such as creating a Spark context within a standard Scala runtime, can fail to accurately emulate nuances of the distributed Spark environment. I’d like to share a solution we’ve developed for creating a native Spark test environment within TravisCI.

Uncharted Visualization Tools Illuminate Dark Web Search Tech

TellFinder and Salt bring "slick" interfaces to hard search problems

Michael Crouch
April 17, 2015

Reporting on the release of a suite of open source tools designed to significantly improve “dark web” searches, Forbes highlights two key Uncharted technologies, TellFinder and Aperture Tiles, the original research project from which Salt was developed.

TellFinder: In Search of Better Ways to Find Criminal Activity in Massive Web Data

TellFinder aggregates similar content so investigators don't need to click every result

Michael Crouch
February 12, 2015

A new Wall Street Journal article describes how TellFinder can drastically simplify searches for illicit behavior online. TellFinder automatically aggregates similar web posts to eliminate the need for investigators to perform highly manual link-by-link examinations of every result.

Searching the Hidden Internet with TellFinder

TellFinder reveals connections and relationships in unstructured big data

Michael Crouch
February 9, 2015

A recent Scientific American article details efforts to revolutionize Internet search technology by allowing people to review “deep web” data and search and review results in a fraction of the time. TellFinder, our search tool for finding and visualizing connections in structured and unstructured media stores, was designed to address these goals.

60 Minutes Segment Features Uncharted Technology "Exposing the Dark Web"

TellFinder and Salt reveal linking narratives in big data troves that are difficult to search and hard to understand

Michael Crouch
February 9, 2015

Two innovative Uncharted technologies, TellFinder and Salt, were featured in a segment on 60 Minutes last night. Leslie Stahl looks into how the tools are being used by criminal investigators to uncover suspected cases of human trafficking in the “deep” and “dark” corners of the web ignored by traditional search engines.