Kinetic Interaction

Interfaces are too complicated. We invent more efficient approaches to effortlessly navigate, act and react in highly dynamic environments. Here are some examples from our blog below.

When it comes to productivity tools, we’ve reached the maximum complexity of graphical user interfaces (GUIs): cascading menus, endless dialogue boxes, a plethora of buttons. When you need a search engine or a user-generated tutorial to figure out how to change a setting in your email, slide deck, or image editor, the interface is no longer discoverable. So if using a GUI is now like trying to determine how to write a query in SQL, what’s the way back to discoverability?

GeoTime Acquired by PenLink
Uncharted is proud and excited to see the next stages in the growth of GeoTime.

David Jonker
September 22, 2022

Nearly 20 years ago, Uncharted began research and development on what would become GeoTime. In the novel use of 3D visualization we saw a breakthrough technology for portraying events and movement across space and time.

Introducing SkyMap
Projecting world-scaled and world-aligned maps on the sky using augmented reality

Thomas Kapler, Robert King, Dario Segura
December 6, 2019

This year at ACM Spatial User Interaction (SUI) 2019 in New Orleans, we won the Best Poster Award for “SkyMap”: World-Scale Immersive Spatial Display, in which we unveiled a fundamentally new wayfinding and spatial situational awareness technique for augmented reality (AR).

Fourth Annual Uncharted Hackathon
Impacts of a cashless society

Michael Crouch
September 17, 2019

What does it mean for a society to go cashless? That’s what we’ll be exploring today at Uncharted.

Graph Mapping Featured in Leading InfoVis Research Journal
Novel interactive visualization technique for massive graph data reveals hierarchical community structures and entity relationships in large-scale networks

Michael Crouch
August 24, 2017

An Uncharted research product for the visual analysis of massive graph data is featured in the pages and on the cover of the latest issue of Information Visualization, a leading peer-reviewed journal on the study and application of information visualization.