September 22, 2022

GeoTime Acquired by PenLink

Uncharted is proud and excited to see the next stages in the growth of GeoTime.

David Jonker 

Movements of home invasion suspects plotted in 3D along a time axis above a geographic map.

Nearly 20 years ago, Uncharted began research and development on what would become GeoTime. In the novel use of 3D visualization, two of our co-founders saw a breakthrough technology for portraying events and movement across space and time. As it transitioned from research to market, GeoTime quickly became the go-to tool for users who needed to identify and understand complex real-life stories and patterns of life across a variety of data formats. Over the years it spawned several industry-leading product offerings, each of which is a vital tool for streamlining investigative work. Now GeoTime begins a new journey with the announcement of an acquisition by PenLink, and we’re extremely excited to see what new heights it will reach.

We are thrilled to continue to enhance our offerings with the acquisition of the best geo-temporal visualization and analysis tool on the market. GeoTime is unrivaled in its ability to show movement and patterns over time, which is vital to our customers.

Kevin Pope, PenLink CEO

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GeoTime is the product of decades of research, design, productization and market development by countless Uncharted team members. It is due to their hard work, creativity and care that GeoTime is renowned for world-class innovation and support that helps customers solve their day-to-day problems.

This post was written by David Jonker with assistance from Michael Crouch.