October 13, 2022

Join Uncharted at IEEE VIS 2022

We'll be discussing emerging NLP for text summarization, integration of visualization research and products, and more.

Michael Crouch 

Left, a treemap of oil exporting countries. Right, a connected scatterplot of distribution over time

VIS 2022 is back in person this year, and so is Uncharted! As proud sponsor of the visualization community’s leading conference, we’ll be in Oklahoma City to present our latest research and catch up with our talented peers and colleagues. We’d love to talk to you about the state of the art and how you can join our team. You’ll find several of us on the convention floor and at any of the following sessions.

Summarizing Text to Embed Qualitative Data into Visualizations by Richard Brath
NLViz, Sun, Oct 16 at 3:45–4:35 PM CDT
Uncharted Managing Partner Richard Brath will present his paper on using emerging NLP to summarize long text explanations of qualitative data so they fit space-constrained visualizations.

Multimodal Analogs to Infer Humanities Visualization Requirements by Richard Brath
7th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities, Sun, Oct 16 at 9:15–10:15 AM CDT
Richard Brath will present another paper on observing real-world environments to identify interaction requirements for humanities visualization.

Integrating Research and Products moderated by Zhicheng (Leo) Liu
VisInPractice, Mon, Oct 17 at 3:45–5:00 PM CDT
Richard Brath will join this panel to discuss how to successfully navigate between visualization research and development and fully realized products.

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Uncharted’s peer-reviewed papers being presented at VIS 2022 were written by Richard Brath.

This post was written by Michael Crouch.