April 1, 2019

DARPA's 60th Anniversary

Uncharted finds a place of honor in DARPA's storied history

Michael Crouch 

Uncharted congratulates DARPA on its recent 60th anniversary. For nearly 20 years, we have worked with leading minds on “DARPA-hard” technology challenges. This immense privilege has afforded us the opportunity to apply thought, design, and implementation leadership in the data-driven art and science of visual analytics to new breakthroughs in human empowerment.

DARPA’s recent retrospective magazine, 60 Years: 1958–2018, highlights one such effort under the Memex program to enable analysis of large, unstructured “Deep Web” content. A section on “Technology That Matters” describes how our web-based tools, including TellFinder, help investigators discover human trafficking activity around the globe. Thanks to DARPA’s seed investment more than 230 law enforcement agencies across several countries are now using these tools to investigate and prosecute human traffickers.

In a timeline of DARPA’s landmark achievements, Uncharted’s Memex tools appear as one of just 120 seminal breakthroughs that changed the landscape of modern technology. We’re truly humbled to have our work included alongside monumental, game-changing innovations like ARPANET, the first computer mouse, TCP/IP, and the Hubble Telescope.

DARPA’s Tech Timeline

We’re also excited to be dedicating ourselves to emerging DARPA-hard problems. Among these are the invention of truly synergistic interaction paradigms for human and artificial intelligence in complex decision making, and the automation of relevant machine learning insights from any available data. Here’s to many more years of impactful DARPA excellence in groundbreaking applied research!

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