February 9, 2015

60 Minutes Segment Features Uncharted Technology "Exposing the Dark Web"

TellFinder and Salt reveal linking narratives in big data troves that are difficult to search and hard to understand

Michael Crouch 

Two innovative Uncharted technologies, TellFinder and Salt, were featured in a segment on 60 Minutes last night. Leslie Stahl looks into how the tools are being used by criminal investigators to uncover suspected cases of human trafficking in the “deep” and “dark” corners of the web ignored by traditional search engines. Advanced machine intelligence is used to collect, extract, classify, cluster and link over a hundred million online adult services advertisements for users to search and delve into in TellFinder XHT. Visualizations reveal common identifying characteristics and relationships behind the organizations that post ads. The Salt library is used to produce scalable, interactive maps of massive datasets (e.g., movement patterns of suspected sex traffickers) that can be explored at any level of detail and layered with contextual metadata. Uncharted continues to develop and enhance these tools to provide insight into human trafficking and other big data domains.

  Watch Online: New Search Engine Exposes the "Dark Web"