February 12, 2015

TellFinder: In Search of Better Ways to Find Criminal Activity in Massive Web Data

TellFinder aggregates similar content so investigators don't need to click every result

Michael Crouch 

A new Wall Street Journal article describes how TellFinder can drastically simplify searches for illicit behavior online. TellFinder automatically aggregates similar web posts to eliminate the need for investigators to perform highly manual link-by-link examinations of every result. Analysts can iteratively expand these aggregations to discover networks of connected identifying characteristics that may suggest coordinated activities of individuals or organizations. TellFinder XHT is currently being used by law enforcement agencies to investigate online adult services advertisements for signs of human trafficking. Ongoing development is focused on extending the tool to other domains that are difficult to search, including propaganda, IP infringement, and fraud.

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TellFinder for Counter Human Trafficking