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Basic charts don't scale. We empower people to more easily understand complex situations by designing profoundly visual information systems. Here are some examples from our blog below.

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Historic Visualization: Isotype
Looking back for a way forward

Richard Brath
October 29, 2019

Finding inspiration in Neurath’s historic picture language

In examining how technology advancements play a crucial role in uncovering human trafficking, Medium’s OneZero notes how TellFinder “slaloms through terabytes of the deep web to search where Google can’t”.

The identification of an international sex trafficking network using TellFinder technology in 2017 led to more than a dozen, coordinated FBI-led sting operations on January 15, 2019.

Text Analytics and New Visualization Techniques
Identifying business opportunities with text in visualizations

Richard Brath, Scott Langevin
August 9, 2018

Since the advent of Gutenberg’s press, typesetting has relegated text to the margins of visualization: legends, axes, captions and footnotes. But modern web-based platforms can infuse rich textual information into interactive graphs and charts.

Graph Mapping Featured in Leading InfoVis Research Journal
Novel interactive visualization technique for massive graph data reveals hierarchical community structures and entity relationships in large-scale networks

Michael Crouch
August 24, 2017

An Uncharted research product for the visual analysis of massive graph data is featured in the pages and on the cover of the latest issue of Information Visualization, a leading peer-reviewed journal on the study and application of information visualization.