Empowering Investigations

Piecing together the thread of a case can be incredibly painstaking without the right tools to connect and synthesize information. Too often investigators barely have time to scratch the surface of what's really going on, leaving underlying networks undiscovered. By applying best of breed visual analytics, Uncharted offers solutions to some of the toughest investigative challenges.

GeoTime - Pattern of Life in Time and Space

GeoTime® is a powerful tool for understanding time-space data faster using 3D. Watch behavioral patterns develop over a 2D map using GeoTime’s unique third axis: time.

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Influent - Follow the Money

Influent® is a fresh approach to link analysis for graphs of transactional data. Influent empowers analysts to visually and interactively investigate transactional flow between billions of entities, accounts and transactions, revealing actors and behaviors of concern.

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TellFinder - Expose Hidden Connections

Use TellFinder® to search vast areas of the deep web or other media troves for connections to known subjects. Discover network personas in a fraction of the time.

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Sample Client Applications

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