Cloud Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada

Job Description

We are currently recruiting for a Cloud Engineer to work with our Cloud Operations team based in Toronto, Ontario. A successful candidate for this role will be a skilled developer who has a passion for problem-solving, tooling and automation. You will be heavily involved in the technical design, planning and implementation of solutions which affect the success of developers and projects across the business. Excellent communication skills, initiative and perseverance are required to help you be successful in this role.



  • Automate the deployment of applications and services, including new Uncharted SaaS products.
  • Maintain live services through monitoring of key performance indicators, including resource utilization and cost metrics, and improve uptime by ensuring seamless updates and automating fault recovery.
  • Manage and deploy network resources, and identify bottlenecks and cost tradeoffs in application performance.
  • Craft and continuously improve the lifecycle of service deployments within the business, from inception through implementation.
  • With a passion for automation, research and recommend best practices and innovative approaches for cloud administration tasks. Identify approaches that leverage our resources and provide economies of scale.
  • Continuously learn and adapt to new technologies, infrastructure and frameworks, to ensure smooth deployments, and compliance with security standards.
  • Assist with the engineering of solutions for various project and operational needs, centered around the Uncharted AWS Cloud.
  • Collaboration and engineering of solutions for software developers, as a key DevOps partner and leader.

Required Skills and Experience

  • A university degree or college diploma in computer science or equivalent.
  • 2–3 years experience working with and developing in a Linux environment. Expert knowledge of Bash (or similar) and common operating system services (systemd, BIND, NFS, virtualization, etc.) preferred.
  • 2–3 years experience working with Ansible.
  • Programming experience with the following: Bash; AWS, Google Cloud or Azure SDKs; Python, Node.js, or similar.
  • Strong knowledge of web application architecture.
  • 2–3 years hands-on experience working with containerization technologies such as Docker/Swarm, Kubernetes, rkt, etc.
  • Hands-on experience working with Elasticsearch is considered an asset.

To work at Uncharted, you must be able to meet Security Clearance requirements including a Police Background Check.

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