Efficient Insight into Behaviors in Time and Space
Good visual design communicates complex ideas with clarity, precision and efficiency. – Edward Tufte

Uncharted GeoTime Flu Data Visualization  Uncharted GeoTime Taxi Movement Patterns

GeoTime events are represented in an X,Y,T coordinate space in which the X,Y plane shows geography and the vertical T axis represents time. Events animate in time vertically through the 3-D space as the time slider bar is moved.

GeoTime lets analysts follow objects, see movement, show transactions and relationships, understand sequence and see cause and effect. Analysts can see patterns of behavior not previously possible and enables them to interactively gain insight into many thousands of events and transactions. GeoTime analysis techniques are unique and have been patented.

“We need a way to understand events in time and space simultaneously. GeoTime meets this need superbly.” – Investigator

Visual Analytics Winner

GeoTime has been a winner at the IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) conference contest for three years in a row.

GeoTime Award

Immigration patterns from the GeoTime win at VAST 2008 Grand Challenge Award.

GeoTime Value

In an evaluation with thirty people, a recent University study found for complex questions where the participants needed an overall understanding of the geo-temporal dataset, the GeoTime-type representation resulted in on average twice as fast response times. Users also noted it was intuitive, engaging and easy to understand.

An Evaluation of Space Time Cube Representation of Spatiotemporal Patterns

Kristensson, P.O., et al, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, August, 2009.

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